Boosting Business Visibility Online

Almost every business is now online. Even the smallest shops in town have their own websites for promoting their products and services. That’s because it has finally dawned on business owners that online marketing can indeed do wonders for boosting their sales, especially now that consumers rely heavily on the web for their buying decisions.

Enhancing your business visibility online should be on your to-do list. It’s not enough that your store has a website or a blog. It should have one that gets read, clicked and visited. Your business should be in the right social media sites too to enjoy maximum exposure. The more visible you are online, the bigger chances of increased sales. Here are some ways on how to accomplish this feat.

User-Friendly Professional Website

A website is your business’s “home” online. It’s where you put everything people should know about your company including your products and services. A typical business website would include the following pages: about us, products/services, latest news, and contact information.

The about us page details the company’s history along with its mission and vision. The page on products/services will give practical information about what the company offers. It would be best if the website comes with a shopping cart/online reservations feature so consumers can buy your offerings online.

The latest news page is where you’ll put updates about company events, campaigns, promotional discounts and so on. Keep this section fresh at all times so people have a reason to check out your website every so often. Then of course, the contact information page is where they’ll find info on your telephone number, address, email addresses, and social media links. It’s good to have a message box where people can put their messages, comments, or queries directly.

Updated Blog

Apart from a website, a company should also have a blog. This is where you’ll put daily musings not of your personal life but of the buzz around your business. It’s like the latest news page of your website, only more detailed and comprehensive. Here, you can also post how-to guides and tutorials on using your products/services. For example, if you own a sports apparel shop, you can post how-to guides on maintaining a tennis racket or keeping a surfboard in top condition.

Online Video Services

Videos are huge these days. Take advantage of that. Create a video for your company and post this on YouTube and other video services like Huddle or 12 Seconds TV. Make sure that the video you create will not be solely about your company. People would rather watch a video tutorial that can benefit them instead of a three-minute commercial claiming that your company is the best in the planet. Post the video link on your website, blog and social media sites.

Social Media Sites

Choose two to three social media sites and use these to increase your online visibility. Apart from posting useful content on a regular basis, you can also engage users with marketing tactics like Facebook contests. Do remember however that you shouldn’t be after quantity but quality. It’s better to have 500 highly interactive followers than 5,000 passive ones who never comment about your posts.

Article Distribution/Guest Blog Posting

Write an article and post it on top article distribution websites like,,,,, and The topic should be useful for your target consumers and relevant to your business. At the end of the article, put a link on the author box that will direct people to your website. Another great idea would be to post a guest blog article on another person’s blog and also post a link to your website. Again, the content should be practical, informative and relevant.

All these tactics can do a great job in boosting your presence online. Your hands may be caught up doing other important things for your business, but it’s a must to find time for all these.

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